THURSDAY, January 24, 2008

Featured in the February 2008 Issue of Inc. Magazine

(On newsstands January 29 - February 26, 2008)

Entrepreneurs Look to Turn Weak Economy Into Business Opportunities, pg. 19.
The February issue of Inc. magazine reports that despite the gloomy economic outlook and predictions of recession, many entrepreneurs have a sense of confidence that, if they play their cards right, they could make an economic downturn work in their favor. After talking with Inc. 500 CEOs the magazine found that none are planning to lay off people or scale down their businesses. Instead, many are looking to profit from other companies' outsourcing. Others are making the most of softening real estate prices to open new locations. And a few are considering expansion overseas to lessen the effects of a possible recession at home. Executive Editor Mike Hofman is available to discuss how entrepreneurs view our current economic challenges as an opportunity to grow their businesses.

SPECIAL SECTION: The Complete Guide to Marketing in the Digital Age: From Blogs to Viral Video - New Ways to Reach Customers, pg. 75.
The world of marketing is radically different than it was a few short years ago. From viral videos and blogs to social networks and mobile alerts, marketing tools that only recently seemed rare and futuristic are quickly becoming commonplace. The February issue of Inc. magazine sorts through the latest marketing tools and offers 53 tips designed to turbocharge your business.

Mobile Phones, pg. 79.
Imagine a retailer texting customers with a discount offer whenever they are within a few blocks of a particular location. Today, marketers are sitting on a trove of data - not just your name, address, and phone number but also credit card information, who your friends are, and where you're located at this very moment. Even with privacy regulations, more of this information will become available to marketers as phones are used more like PCs. Reporter Ryan McCarthy is available to discuss how to use mobile phones to create highly targeted ads.

Viral Video, pg. 88.
Viral video helped the Ford Modeling Agency boost its revenue by140% and land a big private equity deal, but you don't need to have a product as attractive as Ford's to make viral video work for you. From iPhones being pulverized by blenders to a reality show about a furniture company, today many companies are cashing in on web videos. Unlike basic banner ads, videos can use evocative music or comic timing to convey a message. But how does a company create a viral video that's memorable but not embarrassing? Staff Writer Max Chafkin is available to discuss how to use viral videos as a marketing tool using successful examples from Ford Models, Personality Hotels, Blendtec, and GDiapers.

Blogs, pg. 89.
With 100 million blogs now online, you may feel as though the last thing the world needs is another one. But a surprising 66 percent of North American consumers trust blogs as a source of product information, according to a 2007 survey by Nielson. When done right, blogs can help a company establish a human connection and an ongoing conversation with customers. Reporter Ryan McCarthy is available to discuss how to setup a blog, what yours should say, and how to reach out to influential bloggers in your industry.

Social Networks, pg. 80.
Social networks offer advertisers access to tens of millions of potential customers, the ability to target them with precision, and the tools a happy customer can use to recommend your company to others. Roughly two-thirds of North American Internet users visit a social network at least once a month, yet most marketers have so far steered clear of them. How can you tell if social networks are a good fit for your company? Staff Writer Max Chafkin is available to discuss how to sell yourself on Facebook.

How to Make the Most of Your Retirement, pg. 35.
After years of full-throttle company building business owners may dream of retiring. Yet statistics show that many return to the fray after only a few years, either because they suffer from adrenaline withdrawal or they are lured back by new opportunities, or both. The February issue of Inc. magazine offers tips on the fine art of temporary retirement from experts and entrepreneurs. Editor-at-Large Leigh Buchanan is available to discuss tips on how to stay productive and happy during retirement.