THURSDAY, March 6, 2008

Featured in the March issue of Fast Company

(On newsstands February 19 - March 25, 2008)

The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies: From Google to Baidu. Fast Company Magazine Ranks Tech, Design, Ad Firms, and More, pg. 72.
The March issue of Fast Company magazine names its "Fast 50" list of the world's most innovative companies. Topping the list is Google, known for its creative fearlessness and ambition, even as it has grown to 16,000 employees. The Fast 50 also highlights how innovation can drive economic growth. From green consumer-products phenomenon Method to 100-year-old Corning, which spends $2 million each workday on R&D, the list celebrates companies that are redefining the rules of business through new ideas. Twelve of the 50 firms are based outside the U.S. Fifteen of the 50 are based in and around Silicon Valley. Fast Company Editors are available to discuss the most innovative companies and how new ideas and fresh initiatives can lead the U.S. to economic growth.

How to Use Web TV to Boost Your Business, pg. 65.
The rapid proliferation of video tools reveals several trends that enterprising businesses should learn to exploit. In the March issue of Fast Company magazine podcast pioneer and famed tech blogger Robert Scoble explores five Web TV services that when used creatively can reinvigorate any business. From live broadcasting to interactive applications a myriad of options are now available and many are free and easy to use. Fast Company Columnist Robert Scoble is available to discuss how to use next-generation web TV to reinvent your business.

The Numbers Behind the South by Southwest Festival, pg.36.
Did you know that there were 13,071 music conference participants at the South by Southwest festival (SXSW) in 2007 vs. 700 in 1987? Over the last 20 years, SXSW has grown from a small Texas gathering of songsters into a star-launching mega event with music, film, and tech components. This year, it runs from March 7-16. The March issue of Fast Company magazine takes a look at the many hidden facts and figures behind the event. Fast Company Staff Writer Anya Kamenetz is available to discuss the numbers behind SXSW, the nation's largest music festival.

How Checklists Can Save Your Business, pg. 66.
Has your business ever made a big mistake because it failed to consider all the right information? In the March issue of Fast Company magazine Dan and Chip Heath discuss the power of checklists and how they help us avoid blind spots in complex situations. Fast Company Columnists Dan and Chip Heath are available to discuss how your business can benefit from checklists.