THURSDAY, March 6, 2008

Featured in the March 2008 Issue of Inc. Magazine

(On newsstands February 26 - April 1, 2008)

SPECIAL REPORT: Inc. Magazine Uncovers the Truth About Executive Salaries and Perks at Private Companies, pg. 108
Ever wonder how much CEOs at private companies make? While public companies are forced to reveal how much they pay their top executives, private companies have traditionally flown under the radar. Until now that is. The March issue of Inc. magazine uncovers hard-to-find salary information for top executives at private companies broken down by industry, city, and company size. The magazine also looks at benefits and perks. Notable findings report that CIOs earn up to 70% of CEO's pay and that executive-style perks include free health and insurance coverage, up to 50% in extra bonuses, and relocation packages that include buying CEOs' former homes. Inc. Executive Editor Mike Hofman is available to discuss what top executives at private companies make and the top perks used to entice them.

War Stories, pg. 23.
To mark the Iraq war's fifth anniversary, the March issue of Inc. magazine looks at four business owners whose lives and businesses have been altered as a result of the conflict. The magazine takes a look at various scenarios including what happens when a company sends a significant number of workers off to war, when a CEO disappears, when a company receives a government contract, and when a founder of a start-up gets called off to war. This article also includes a detailed cost analysis of the price of war on small businesses. Inc. Executive Editor Mike Hofman is available to discuss how the Iraq war has transformed small businesses.

How U.S. Firms Are Beating the Currency Crunch, pg. 45.
Is the weak dollar hurting your bottom line? The March issue of Inc. magazine reports that the dollar's recent fall doesn't have to result in layoffs or raising prices. The magazine takes a look at the tactics American companies are using to beat the currency crunch, including renegotiating contracts with vendors, arranging flexible payment schedules, switching to domestic suppliers, and more. Inc. Associate Editor Hannah Clark is available to discuss how to insulate your company from the weak dollar.

Latest Business Trend: Taking Stock From Customers Instead of Cash, pg. 50.
Work-for-equity relationships are the latest trend to hit private companies. The March issue of Inc. magazine looks into these deals in which vendors and partners - whose behind-the-scenes assistance often is crucial to a start-up's success - can get a piece of the action in exchange services for equity. Inc. Reporter Ryan McCarthy is available to discuss the pros and cons of work-for-equity arrangements including four things you should consider before signing such a deal.

The Ins and Outs of Product Placement, pg. 66.
The TV product placement industry has grown at an annual rate of about 30 percent, with 2007 spending estimated at $2.9 billion. But what most don't know is that, for more than 98 percent of placements, no fees are paid to the networks or the studios. The March issue of Inc. magazine examines how small companies with niche products actually have a better chance of getting placed on a TV show compared with large consumer products companies. Inc. Executive Editor Mike Hofman is available to offer tips on how small businesses can get their product placed on TV.

Outsourced HR, pg. 40.
Have you outsourced your HR department yet? If not, you're part of a steadily shrinking minority - 53% of all companies outsource some portion of their HR tasks. From just eliminating payroll and benefits to building an entire HR department from scratch, the March issue of Inc. magazine looks at the management benefits of eliminating in-house HR. Inc. Associate Editor Hannah Clarke Steiman is available to discuss five ways you can outsource HR.